Creative Branding & Graphic Design Services

P&G Graphics, Inc. offers graphic design services for the promotion and marketing of your business. We can design and customize everything for your point-of-sale ads and graphics.

Promote your company effectively with creative branding and graphic design services from P&G Graphics, Inc. in Greensboro, North Carolina. We provide these services through the following: 

• Brand Identity Development Designs
• Miscellaneous Printed Pieces

• Packaging Labels
• Print Marketing Pieces
• Signage
Custom Pieces

Our studio provides in-house production of custom printed signage and pieces upon request for a total turnkey solution. We want to develop a great working relationship with you, so we always give special attention to your budget and timeline. If you are providing photos for the project, we can also tell you how to prepare them for optimum advertising.

Large-Format Printing

P&G Graphics, Inc. is also qualified to handle any type of custom large-format design and print projects for promotional and marketing materials for a variety of businesses. Our design projects include the following:

Promotional Materials:  Graphics: Identity Branding:
• Posters
• Backlit Signs 
• Banners
• Booklets 
• Brochures
• Wallpapers  
• Door, Window, & Floor Graphics
• Point-of-Sale Graphics
• Trade Show & Exhibit Graphics
• Color-Illustrated Monographs 
• Newspaper & Magazine Ads
• Elevator & Column Wraps  

• Letterheads
• Business Cards 
• Signage 
• Logos


All of our projects are customized for business-to-business purposes only, so we do not offer standard or off-the-shelf products. However, we offer individual pieces or an entire turnkey solution for a design project, depending on the client's preferences. We are very knowledgeable of the graphic design industry, so we know which techniques work and which do not. If your project cannot be accomplished within your budget, we can always work with you to determine what can be done.
Contact us today in Greensboro, North Carolina, to have us create promotional materials with our graphic design and branding services.